Posted on November 2, 2013
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ocenaogolnaWe have got very positive feedback from the survey. Negative feedback will be used to improve next edition of the conference.

We quote positive feedback below (in Polish):

  • Miejsce, atmosfera, organizacja, after party, konkursy
  • Organizacja i przygotowanie na 5.
  • Świetne prelekcje.Super ludzie Fajne konkursy Nagrody Cattering T-shirty Organizacja
  • Poziom tematów, zróżnicowanie.
  • wielu ciekawych uczestników, z dużą wiedzą IT
  • Możliwość posłuchania prelekcji o systemach mobilnych …

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Posted on October 29, 2013
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mobilization_soldierMobilization 2013 is over. We believe this was a successful event. This success would have not been possible withouth 750 attendees, 36 speakers and support from 12 sponsors, whose stands you might have visited during the confrence.

Please send us links to blogs, posts and opinions about Mobilization 3 ( We will publish all and reward the most interesting!

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Leveraging new, transformational technologies, they are paving the way by building the next generation of CRM software. Their mission is to make you and your team 10x more productive.

That’s why they created Base, the only CRM that was built for people. People who want to spend time on growing their business, not on entering data into their business software.

And they believe your CRM should be amazing.

Sounds impressive? It’s all about Base, our recent sponsor of the conference. They are placed in Chicago and Cracow. And if you are going to Mobilization from Cracow, we believe, the best way is to go by their bus.

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Hot welcome of ABB in a group of sponsors!

ABB Information Systems Delivery Center (ISDC) is a part of the world’s leading engineering company – ABB Group. It is formed by more than 300 IT professionals: programmers, analysts, project leaders, database experts and Internet application designers with operational responsibility for global corporate computer systems.

ISDC employees execute project supporting ABB international activity as well as worldwide cooperation with its customers. Taking advantage of ABB leading position in power and automation technologies, ISDC develops innovative projects and creates unique solutions.

More information:

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Allegro is a way for your fast and easy internet shopping!!! But not only! Allegro is also a sponsor of Mobilization this year.
Allegro existed from 1999. And polish e-commerce has begun with Allegro auction service, founded by Arjan Bakker. Allegro company has evolved into Allegro Group, which currently manages 75 sites in 17 countries on three continents.
A virtual trading platform Allegro very quickly conquered the market and a trust of users. In July 2003, Allegro won their top million – the first million of users.
Thanks to the high quality of the transactions, Allegro is introducing its standard to the Polish Internet – guarantee a profitable offer, great service and fast delivery.

Enjoy your shopping on Allegro and take the whole site.

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Everyone knows how awesome brand is Samsung. But did you know the tremendous news, that Samsung joined Mobilization this year?

Samsung R&D Institute Poland is one of the biggest and fastest growing R&D centers in Europe employing already over 2000 people, and still constantly growing. It is located in 4 offices in 4 major Polish cities, i.e. Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan and Lodz. The scope of our activity includes advanced systems of digital television, platform convergence, mobile systems, smart solutions, and enterprise solutions. This year  Samsung has been awarded as Top Employer Polska & Europe.

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Meet our next sponsor – a company, that is deserved for Mobilization from the very beginning – TomTom. TomTom is the world’s leading provider of in-car location and navigation products and services focused on providing all drivers with the world’s best navigation experience.
By streamlining and integrating the organisation TomTom has created a lean and agile structure enabling it to stay close to our customers and substantially improving time to market.
By putting drivers at heart TomTom have created core values which will lead the behaviour of its People:
- We act honestly
- We’re driven to innovate
- We help each other
- We’re passionate about results
- We put people first

Become part of TomTom’s passionate team of experts and help driving its success story making its great innovations come to life!

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Who is our next sponsor? One of the biggest and most famous IT companies in the world. The developer of operating systems, office software, internet software, game consoles, development tools, tablets and last but not least – mobile operating systems and software. Recently, also manufacturer of mobile phones. It’s Microsoft, of course.

It’s worth to say that Microsoft’s speakers were present in both previous editions of Mobilization. This year Microsoft takes part also as a sponsor which is a great news. Another great news is that Bartek Zass, a Developer Evangelist, will tell you about Windows Phone 8.1 in his presentation slot.

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Cybercom Poland is a company that belongs to the strict group of sponsors that supports Mobilization from the very beginning.

It is a part of international Cybercom Group, which originally comes from Scandinavia and is an IT consulting company that assists leading companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world. Among software development Cybercom offers services of mobile software development and it’s continuously looking for specialists with passion. In this field Cybercom can offer wide spectrum of technical expertise, including all most popular nowadays mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Symbian.

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IT Kontrakt logo

We are more than happy to present IT Kontrakt, the company that also joined this year to the group of sponsors of Mobilization.

IT Kontrakt specializes in outsourcing of IT personnel. It has many years of experience in creating IT expert teams for the most prestigious IT projects in the key sectors of economy. Thanks to the high effectiveness of operating and partner approach towards the Customers, we gained the confidence of the largest banks, financial, insurance, computer and telecommunication companies.

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Hot welcome of JetBrains as a sponsor of Mobilization. JetBrains is a company that probably doesn’t have to be introduced much, as most developers at least have heard about their products, especially IntelliJ IDEA. Don’t forget, that JetBrains’ products also support mobile developers, especially AppCode - an intelligent Objective-C IDE that helps iOS/OS X developers create outstanding apps with ease and pleasure.

JetBrains supports JUG Łódź for a long time, but  joined Mobilization sponsors first time this year. We are absolutely sure that this is great news for Polish mobile developers community and count on long cooperation.

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mobica-logo-150pxThe third company that signed up for Mobilization 3 was Mobica. Mobica was always supporting Mobilization and it had not been for this company, that Mobilization would not exist. When the idea of conference came to mind of the organizers three years ago it was Mobica who was presented with this concept and immediately encouraged us to start with the preparations.

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Symphony Teleca SymphonyTeleca was the second company to ask about Mobilzation 3 so is the second one to be presented in “meet our sponsor” cycle. SymphonyTeleca was with Mobilization from the first edition of the conference (formerly as Teleca Poland). The company is looking for embedded linux developers. Perhaps they will find few on Mobilization 3?

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rule_financial_150pxWe would like to introduce our first sponsor Rule Financial. Rule Financial, together with Java User Group and .NET group have a long and effective history of cooperation. Just few weeks ago we have organized 2nd edition of Łódź Hackaton 2013. All interested in getting more information about Rule Financial, are welcome to meet the Rule team at the conference.

Posted on August 22, 2013
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g6124 We are pleased to inform that Mayor of the City of Łódź – Mrs Hanna Zdanowska has decided to take honorary patronage over Mobilization 3.

Posted on June 3, 2013
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Jug Łódź is proud to announce that Mobilization^3 will take place on 26th of October 2013 in International Łódź Fairs al. Politechniki 4.

The venue is a certainly a huge step forward and so we hope will be the rest of the Mobilization^3.

The draft name of this Mobilization edition is Mobilization Cube. We are looking forward to host 500 people again in Łódź and do simultaneous tracks focusing on mobile technologies.

The goals we are pursuing this year is to invite foreign speakers and increase the level of the talks.

We will be announcing call for speakers within next two months and we are currently starting to look for the companies willing to sponsors the event. If your company is interested in sponsoring our conference please contact us.